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The Platte Valley Players’ are happy to announce auditions for Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird – adapted for the stage by Christopher Segel.



Sunday August 6th from 6:30-9:30 PM

Monday August 7th from 7:00-9:30 PM



First Presbyterian Church of Brighton

510 S. 27th Ave

Brighton, Co  80601



The rehearsal schedule will be based on the director and cast availability.  Generally, rehearsals will occur 1-2 times a week (not all actors are called to all rehearsals) between the dates of August 14th– Sept 23rd.

3-4 rehearsals per week (not all actors maybe be called to all rehearsals) between Sept 25- October 7  (which is two weeks)

Rehearsals will be held in Brighton at First Presbyterian Church.

Tech week is Oct 9, 10, 11, 12  6 PM-9:45 PM   at The Armory Performing Arts Center



Fridays and Saturdays only-  ***NO SUNDAY PERFORMANCES***

Friday Oct 13 & Saturday Oct. 14

Friday Oct 20  & Saturday Oct. 21

Friday performances at 7:30 PM

Saturday performances at 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM

**6 Performances total**

**Platte Valley Players is a community theatre- all actors are unpaid**



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A headshot or photo, a resume and your best southern accent.

You will be asked to write down your conflicts (between August 14- Oct 7)  on your audition form so be ready with that information.



A short monologue is requested- but not required.

The audition will consist of cold readings from the script.  Please be familiar with the story.

A southern accent will be required.




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9 Men,  5 Women,  Two boys and One girl – some adult roles may be doubled


SCOUT FINCH                     Considered smart for her age, and loves to read. Inquisitive, courageous,

impulsive, emotional, and by the standards of the day, a true tomboy.

Believes in the basic goodness of the people in her community, which is

tested as the story unfolds.

Female, age 8-13.


JEM FINCH                          Scout’s older brother. Smart, brave, curious, with a slight temper. His

beliefs and ideals are badly shaken by the prejudice and hatred he

observes during Tom Robinson’s trial.

Male, age 12-15.


ATTICUS FINCH                 Scout and Jem’s widowed father. Quietly impressive, reserved, and

courageous. Atticus has taught his children to have a

strong sense of justice and open-mindedness. He is a lawyer in

Maycomb and is regarded as a man of integrity and decency who agrees

to defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman.

Male, age 40-50.


CALPURNIA                        The Finches African-American housekeeper. Proud, fierce, self-educated,

stern but loving. Helped raise the children since their mother’s death. Her

standards are high and her discipline as applied to Scout and Jem is


Female, age 30-60.




DILL                               Scout and Jem’s friend. Small for his age.  Wise beyond his years. Has a                                   very active imagination and a strong sense of adventure. There is a lack in                                   Dill’s own home life, and he senses something in Atticus that’s missing from                               his own family relationship.

Male, age 9-13


MISS MAUDIE                   The Finches widowed neighbor, and an old friend of the family. Wise,

compassionate, and sensitive. She is not prejudiced, unlike many of her

neighbors. Shares the same passion Atticus has for justice and is the

children’s best friend among Maycomb’s adults.

Female, age 40-50.


HECK TATE                       Maycomb’s sheriff. Decent and respected man who tries to protect the

innocent from danger. Tough and compassionate. Like Atticus, he seems

to be one of the few in Maycomb County who is not prejudiced. Very

aware of the injustice of Maycomb.

Male, age 30-60.


REV. SYKES                          African-American minister at the First Purchase Church in Maycomb.                             Kind, Strong-voiced, cares for his congregation.

Male, age 40-60.


WALTER CUNNINGHAM            Poor farmer whom Atticus tries to help. Shares the prejudices of the                                       time and place, but still a man who can be reached as a human being.

Male, age 40-60.


JUDGE TAYLOR                  Town judge. A smart, fair man who knows he is dealing with racial issues

that he can’t control. Does what he can within the context of his time to

see justice done in his court.

Male, age 50-70.


TOM ROBINSON               African-American male falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell.

Field hand who is kind and helpful. He is crippled on left hand by a childhood                        accident.

Male, age 25-40


BOB EWELL                         Alcoholic, poverty-stricken, and abusive man. Deliberately and wrongfully                         accuses Tom Robinson of raping his daughter.

Male, age 40-50.



MAYELLA EWELL               Bob Ewell’s oldest daughter. Lonely, overworked, and unhappy.

Frightened and shy.

Female, age 18-25.


BOO RADLEY                      Lonely, reclusive, and unassuming figure who is simultaneously kind and                                   generous. Hasn’t been outside his house in fifteen years. Both frightens                            and fascinates the children.

Male, age 35-50.


MISS STEPHANIE              Neighbor of the Finches. Loves hearing and spreading gossip.

Female, age 30-70


MRS. DUBOSE                    Neighbor of the Finches. Elderly and ill woman. Walks with difficulty, her

pain making her biting, bitter, and angry. Fighting a secret battle within

herself, a battle about which few people are aware.

Female, age 60+

MR GILMER                         Prosecuting attorney. He too has unexpressed doubts as to Tom’s guilt,                                and his heart isn’t really in this conviction.

Male, age 30+


NOTE:  All roles are cast age appropriate:  the ages listed above are approximate.  Actors who will be cast should be able to “play” these ages.  Some ages may be altered based on the actors who audition, f the change in age does not adversely affect the playwright’s intention.



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The Platte Valley Players is a community theatre based in Brighton, Colorado – less than 30 minutes northeast of downtown Denver.  They have been producing high quality theatre since 2003.