Swingtime Canteen

Swingtime Canteen

Swingtime Canteen, performed by Platte Valley Players community theater of Brighton ColoradoNov 2010

Directed by Kelly Van Oosbree

After 17 years with MGM, still-glamorous movie legend Marian Ames has endured four flop films in a row and is being put out to pasture. But this is 1944 and no time for self pity. So Marian has gathered up her instrument playing gal pals from the Hollywood Canteen and headed for London to entertain the troops. Joining her are Jo Sterling, (her drum playing stand-in on 17 pictures), her skittish niece Katie Gammersflugel, solid as a rock piano playing riveter Topeka Abotelli and leggy chorine Lilly McBain. Get ready for the rip-roaringest canteen show of them all as these five archetypal film characters from the 1940’s prove their mettle while they sing over 30 vintage classics from the war years.


Marian Ames – Ellen Gauthier
Topeka Abotelli – Amy Stuemky
Jo Sterling – Jill Lentz
Katie Gammersflugel – Alix Brickley
Lilly McBain – Amy York
Commanding Officer/Radio Announcer – Jake Williamson